• Grounded Planes

    Grounded Planes

    Glasgow airport during lockdown 2020. Planes had to be parked up as no one was allowed to fly. Read more

  • Whitehall Street, Anderston

    Whitehall Street, Anderston

    Whitehall Street in the Anderson area of Glasgow is under a massive transformation. Before the building work started the boards were covered with graffiti. Read more

  • 108 Hope Street

    108 Hope Street

    108 Hope Street, also known as Scottish Temperance League Offices, is hidden amongst taller buildings that surround it. Built just before the 1900 it displays lavish stonework decorative design, it stands alone with no other building joined to it. Now hosts a cafe on the ground floor. Read more

  • Lion Chambers, Hope Street

    Lion Chambers, Hope Street

    Nestled in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, lies this white concrete skyscraper. Built back in 1907 as a white skyscraper, now sits a pale yellow and wrapped in wire mesh it lies abandoned and wasting away.  I hope this building gets saved and refurbished back to its best. Read more

  • Stoney Brae, Paisley

    Stoney Brae, Paisley

    A steep cobble walkway that takes you up to the Oakshaw area in paisley. Oakshaw Trinity Church sits at the top of the hill along with beautiful views to the north of paisley. Also a good climb to test your fitness.  Read more

  • Tontine Lane, Merchant City

    Tontine Lane, Merchant City

    When walking through merchant city on an early Sunday Morning, I stumbled across this lane, hidden away. To my surprise it had lots of photo opportunities, tall buildings with small cobbled lanes and plenty of amazing graffiti. With it being Sunday morning, there were no delivery trucks or lots of parked cars.  Read more

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