• 300 Bearsden Road

    300 Bearsden Road

    Former Robinson & Dunn Temple Sawmills Office Near Bearsden I found this beautiful art-deco styled building, It was formilly the Robinson & Dunn Temple Sawmills. It popped into my head as I was passing by it recently and seen they had bulldozed the property. Such a sad end to an amazingly beautiful building. Here it… Read more

  • Dykebar Hospital

    Dykebar Hospital

    During lockdown 2020 I explored Dykebar Hospital as local to where I was staying. This is a Mental Health Facility, it have been slowly closing and many of the buildings are now sadly boarded up, with many of them being listed. (Dykebar Hospital wiki page) Read more

  • Loch Long

    Loch Long

    Early November I went out to Arrochar to see if I could get some pictures of the torpedo range on Loch Long. Doing a bit of research on google maps, I could see it was fenced off, so I thought I’d have to find some hole or gap to get onto the torpedo range. After… Read more

  • 3 Hospitals

    3 Hospitals

    Paisley has a few abandoned hospitals. The most popular is the old Royal Alexandria Hospital (RAH) it has been partially converted into flats but the main part and a few of the wards have been left to rot. Dykebar Hospital is still being used but many of the old buildings are boarded up as they… Read more

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